China pozi countersunk head self tapping screw wholesale customized

  • China pozi countersunk head self tapping screw
  • China pozi countersunk head self tapping screw
  • China pozi countersunk head self tapping screw
Countersunk Head Self Tapping Screws
  • 7-35 DAYS
  • 5000 TONS

The countersunk head tapping screw material is generally made of carbon steel, and the surface hardness of the material after heat treatment is not less than 45HRC. Compared with the threads of ordinary screws, the pitch is large and the small diameter is slightly smaller at the same large diameter. It has been standardized and is usually used on doors and windows and iron sheets.

Countersunk Head Self Tapping Screws/ Flat Self Tapping Screw

Product Parameters

China pozi countersunk head self tapping screw


ASME B18.6,DIN7972, DIN7973, DIN7982, DIN7983




10-180mm (3/8”- 7”)

Head type:

flat countersunk head 

Drive type:

Phil, slotted, Phil & slotted combination, 

Screw type:

AB, B, BP, BF, BT, C, D, F, G, T, U


Carbon steel C1018, C1022, CH22A (+ heat treatment), 




Plain, Zinc Plated(Clear/Blue/Yellow/Black), Black oxide, Nickel, Chrome, H.D.G


bulk in cartons (25kg Max.)+wood Pallet or according to customer special demand


·         Structural Steel; Metal Buliding; Oil&Gas; Tower&Pole; Wind Energy; Mechanical Machine; Automobile: Home Decorating


·         Caliper, Go&No-go gauge,Tensile test machine, Hardness tester, Salt spraying tester, H.D.G thickness tester, 3D detector, Projector, Magnetic flaw detecter

Supply Ability:

5000 tons per month


500kgs for each specification

Trade Term:


Our advantage:

One-stop shopping;

High quality;

Competitive price;

Timely delivery;

Technical support;

Supply Material and Test Reports;


Samples for free


Please lets know the Size, quantity, Material or Grade, surface, If it is special and Non-standard products, please supply the Drawing or Photos or Samples to us


Product name

Countersunk Head Self Tapping Screws

Place of origin


Brand Name



Qingdao or according to requirement

Delivery time

Normally in 7-35 days, according to quantity


500kgs for each specification


According to customer’s requirement

What is a countersunk self-tapping screw? What does the “sinking head” in front mean?

The countersunk head is that the screw head will not be higher than the fixed surface after the screw is tightened (sinking inside!), the self-tapping is to open a small hole and directly fix the screw without tapping!

What is the difference between a fiberboard nail and a crosshead countersunk head?

From the design and application of the countersunk head tapping screw, it can be known that the countersunk head tapping screw and the fiberboard nail are not the best choice for application on wood, for the following two reasons.

1: If the countersunk head tapping screw has a shallow thread and is used for wood such as particle board, it does not provide sufficient tension. Iron objects have a higher hardness and therefore provide sufficient tension.

2: When the screw is screwed in, the threaded hole is formed by the connecting member. The shallower the thread, the smaller the amount of deformation. When the hard object such as iron has sufficient tension, the smaller the amount of deformation, the easier it is to screw in.

3: Self-tapping screws are often used for the connection between thin metal plates (steel plates, saw plates, etc.). When connecting, first make a threaded bottom hole for the connected piece, and then screw the self-tapping screw into the threaded bottom hole of the connected piece. Since the threaded surface of the tapping screw has a high hardness (≥45HRC), the internal thread can be tapped in the threaded bottom hole of the connected member to form a joint.

Testing Equipment
Testing Equipment
Packaging details
Packaging details
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