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STARWDH has been dedicated to the fastener products industry for many years, providing customers with the best product solutions and the best product quality. The company adheres to the principle of "quality first", "meeting customer needs", "sincere integrity", relying on "strong technical team", "advanced production equipment", "skilled workers", "from raw materials to final products. "Strict quality supervision and control made" and "fast product delivery" have won the praise of the industry and the recognition of customers.

Our core products cover ASME/ANSI, DIN, JIS, ISO, GB and other standard products, relying on the company's strong technical team, equipment, resource integration capabilities, including: Bolts, Nuts, Machine screws, Self tapping screws , Self drilling screws, Thread rod, Washers, Anchor bolts and other products. We welcome the customization of our products and have a complete customized production system to meet the different needs of different customers for fastener products.

STARWDH value environmental protection and are willing to take on more social responsibilities. We increase our investment in environmental protection year by year and use our practical actions to protect our environment.

Employees are an important part of our family. We pay attention to their professional growth and career development, and do everything possible to provide training and expansion opportunities for our employees.

Business philosophy: integrity, customer satisfaction, breakthrough

Enterprise Mission: Integrity, Dedication, Cooperation, Innovation

We are committed to the following

A)  Attention to detail, quality assurance

B)  Wide sales network, excellent service, good reputation

C)  Team professional, technical specialization, quality control

D)  Full service network coverage, fast market response, fast delivery

E)  The products are genuine, honest and trustworthy, and create more favorable offers for customers.

F)  Large scale, large sales volume, many products, and wide application

G) Provide customers with correct and safe product training and consultation, product preservation and value-added

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