Testing Equipment

Testing Equipment. NEW STARWDH INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD have a strict quality control system, from raw materials to packaging. Ensure the quality of each production process to achieve the quality of our final products.

We have almost complete fastener product testing equipment and a complete quality control system. From raw materials - in the production process - packaging, we conduct comprehensive testing and measurement of the products to meet the customer's demand for products.

Our product quality testing mainly has three major sectors.

Raw materials: The quality of the raw materials will determine the final product quality. Our procurement staff strictly selects suppliers according to the company's “Supplier Management System”, and evaluates and records the suppliers from the supplier's qualifications to the final raw materials. Before the raw materials enter the company, our raw material quality inspectors will conduct quality inspection on the raw materials according to the quality of the raw materials, and the raw materials will be allowed to enter the warehouse after the quality is qualified. The aim is to ensure that the raw materials are 100% qualified.

Testing in the production process: The staff of our Process Quality Inspection Department is divided into two teams. One of the teams tested the quality at intervals of 15 minutes and recorded the test results. Another team, the process quality inspectors, will sample the products in the process every hour. And to ensure the product's pass rate.

Pre-shipment quality inspection: The quality inspector performs random sampling on the pre-shipment product to prevent damage to the product during packaging and the integrity of the product packaging. And record the test results.

The inspection records of all products can be traced, and each batch of products can be traced back to the production person in charge, quality inspector, and packager.






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