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SEMS Screw
  • 7-35 DAYS
  • 1000 TONS

This screw is a screw with only one spring pad or only one flat pad, or a two-piece assembly with only one flower tooth.
The material of the combination screw is divided into carbon steel and stainless steel.

SEMS Screw


ASME B18.13


#2-3/8” M2-M6


10-180 mm

Types of SEMS:

Helical spring lock washers, tooth lock washers, conical spring washers, plain washers

Screw head:

Round, truss, oval, pan, fillister, truss, hex, hex washer, cheese


Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel


plain, Zinc Plated(Clear/Blue/Yellow/Black), Black oxide, Nickel, Chrome, H.D.G


bulk ,plain box, colour box, poly bag, PP box + wood Pallet


Structural Steel; Metal Buliding; Oil&Gas; Tower&Pole; Wind Energy; Mechanical Machine; Automobile: Home Decorating


Caliper, Go&No-go gauge, Tensile test machine, Hardness tester, Salt spraying tester, H.D.G thickness tester, 3D detector, Projector, Magnetic flaw detecter

Supply Ability:

1000 tons per month

Minimum Order:

500kgs for each specification

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One-stop shopping;

High quality;

Competitive price;

Timely delivery;

Technical support;

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Please lets know the Size, quantity, Material or Grade, surface, If it is special and Non-standard products, please supply the Drawing or Photos or Samples to us

In general, the plating of the sems screw generally refers to the combination of the iron to remove the plating. Electroplating is divided into environmentally friendly and non-environmental. Commonly used sems screw plating color is environmentally friendly color zinc, environmentally friendly blue zinc, environmentally friendly white zinc, environmentally friendly nickel, red color, white zinc, white nickel and so on. The use of the Phillips sems screw, hexagonal combination bolt and self-tapping sems screw is the same as that of the corresponding Phillips screw, hex head bolt and self-tapping screw. The main feature of these combination screws is that they are equipped with corresponding washers. Very convenient.


High-strength large hex head bolt combination screws for steel structures, mainly used for railway and highway bridges, boiler steel structures, industrial plants, high-rise civil buildings, tower structures, lifting appliances and their steel structures. The occasion of the screw. It is characterized by a bolt, which is also called a twelve-horned body at the end of the bolt. When installing, a special electric wrench must be used. There are two sleeve heads on the top and bottom, one on the hexagonal body of the nut and the other on the tenth angle of the hexagonal screw. When tightening, apply a clockwise force to the nut and apply an equal counterclockwise force to the bolt's dodecahedron so that the end of the hexagonal screw and the dodecagon are connected to the neck to be twisted and sheared to the neck. So far, the installation is over. This torsion-cut type high-strength hex screw is a one-size type screw that cannot be removed after installation.

The difference between combination screws and ordinary screws

The combination screw is actually a kind of screw, but it is a special one. Generally, it is a three-component or a two-piece assembly, but at least the combination of the two components can be called a combination screw. The most important difference from the ordinary screw is that it has a spring pad or more flat pad than the ordinary screw. It is either a triple assembly or a flat pad. This is the main difference between the appearance of a combination screw and a normal screw.

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