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  • pan head self drilling screws
  • pan head self drilling screws
  • pan head self drilling screws
Pan Head Self Drilling Screws
  • 7-35 DAYS
  • 3000 TONS

The pan head self-tapping screw is composed of two parts: a head type and a thread type. Pan head is a type of head that is very common in our daily life, referred to as P head. The head groove type can be designed as a cross groove, a plum blossom groove, an addition and subtraction groove, a hexagonal groove, and the like.

The common materials for pan head tapping screws are carbon steel and stainless steel. No matter which material, we can customize it according to your needs.

Pan Head Self Drilling Screws

Product description

pan head self drilling screws


Product name:

Pan Head Self Drilling Screws


ASME B18.6,  DIN7504




Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel


10-180mm (3/8”- 7”)

Head type:

pan head

Drive type:

Phil, slotted, Phil & slotted combination, pozi

Screw type:



Plain, Zinc Plated(Clear/Blue/Yellow/Black), Black oxide, Nickel, Chrome, H.D.G


Structural Steel; Metal Buliding; Oil&Gas; Tower&Pole; Wind Energy; Mechanical Machine; Automobile: Home Decorating

Minimum Order:

500kgs for each specification

Supply Ability:

5000 tons per month

Trade Term:



Please lets know the Size, quantity, Material or Grade, surface, If it is special and Non-standard products, please supply the Drawing or Photos or Samples to us



1. Each pan head self-tapping screw consists of three parts: the head, the stem and the end of the stem.

Each self-tapping screw has four major components: head shape, wrenching, thread type, and end form.

Head shape

Head shape with pan head, pan head flange (with pad)

2. Wrapping method

The wrenching method refers to the way of twisting the screw head when installing and tightening the screw. The basic methods are the outer wrench and the inner wrench. In general, the outer wrench is more torque than any type of inner wrench (inner groove).

3. Thread type

The thread types are self-tapping threads (wide thread), machine threads (common threads), drywall nail threads, fiberboard nail threads, and other special threads. In addition, the thread can be divided into single lead (single head), double lead (double head), multi-lead (multi-head) and high and low double-head thread.

4. End form

The end form mainly has two kinds of cone ends and flat ends. However, depending on the use, a groove, a groove, a slit or a portion similar to a drill shape having a cutting function can be processed at the screw-in portion of the tip. In some standards, the same is the tapered end or the flat end, and there are also different forms such as the round end.

Main product have machine screws, self tapping screws , self drilling screws, thread rod, washers, anchor bolts and other products. We welcome the customization of our products and have a complete customized production system to meet the different needs of different customers for fastener products.

Quality control


our company strictly complies with ISO9001 system. All our products are subjected to strict test and inspection in each process by the workers periodically, starting from the raw materials delivered to the factory.

Test Report  

If you require, the test report form the third part is available

 pan head self drilling screws

Packaging Details:


30,40,50CTNS/PALLET 15KGS/CTN0.35
36,48CTNS/PALLET  (10-22)KGS/CTN0.36

B. According to customer special demand.

We also accept customization order according to your samples and drawings

If you have other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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Packaging details
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