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  • phillips pan head machine screw
  • phillips pan head machine screw
  • phillips pan head machine screw
Pan Head Screws
  • 7-35 DAYS
  • 3000 TONS

Product name: Pan head screw
Standard:ASME/ANSI B18.6 ,DIN967, JIS B 1111
Size:#5 - 3/4"; M3 – M8
Material:Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel,
Length:10-180mm (3/8”- 7”)
Head type:Pan Head head
Drive type:Phil, slotted, Phil & slotted combination, hex socket, Pozl
Finish:Plain, Zinc Plated(Clear/Blue/Yellow/Black), Black oxide, Nickel, Chrome, H.D.G

Pan Head Screws

Product Parameters

phillips pan head machine screw


ASME/ANSI B18.6 ,DIN967, JIS B 1111


#5 - 3/4"; M3 – M8


Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel,


10-180mm (3/8”- 7”)

Head type:

Pan Head head

Drive type:

Phil, slotted, Phil & slotted combination,  Pozl


Plain, Zinc Plated(Clear/Blue/Yellow/Black), Black oxide, Nickel, Chrome, H.D.G


bulk in cartons (25kg Max.)+wood Pallet or according to customer special demand


Structural Steel; Metal Buliding; Oil&Gas; Tower&Pole; Wind Energy; Mechanical Machine; Automobile: Home Decorating


Caliper, Go&No-go gauge, Tensile test machine, Hardness tester, Salt spraying tester, H.D.G thickness tester, 3D detector, Projector, Magnetic flaw detecter

Supply Ability:

3000 tons per month


500kgs for each specification

Trade Term:


Our advantage:

One-stop shopping; 
High quality; 
Competitive price; 
Timely delivery; 
Technical support; 
Supply Material and Test Reports; 

Samples for free


Please lets know the Size, quantity, Material or Grade, surface, If it is special and Non-standard products, please supply the Drawing or Photos or Samples to us



Product name

Pan Head Screw

Place of origin


Brand Name



Qingdao or according to requirement

Delivery time

Normally in 7-35 days, according to quantity


500kgs for each specification


According to customer’s requirement



The main differences between pan head screws and round head screws:

1. The difference in appearance: The most intuitive difference is the difference in appearance. Of course, here mainly refers to the head shape. The head of the round head screw is round and semi-circular when viewed from the side, while the head of the pan head screw is round and trapezoidal when viewed from the side.


 2. The difference in the definition range: the round head screw contains a larger range. As long as the screw head is round, it can be called a round head screw, but if it is a pan head, it can only be called a pan head screw. Round head screws include pan head screws, large flat head screws, and the like. In short, as long as the head of the screw is round, it can be called a round head screw.


3. The difference in the groove type: the round head screw has only one slot and one head type, and the pan head screw has a cross slot and a slotted head type to be selected.


4. Differences in application range: Pan head screws and round head screws have the characteristics of insulation, non-magnetic, anti-corrosion and beautiful appearance. The strength of use is comparable to that of metal, so it is widely used in medical equipment industry, electronics industry, office. Equipment industry, etc. The head of the pan head screw has a distinct arc, which is generally used for internal workpieces or invisible workpieces. For the head type, the round head screw is exposed to the mounted surface after installation. Used on workpieces that do not require a high degree of fastening.


5. Differences in material usage: For the same specifications of pan head screws and round head screws, the round head screws are significantly larger than the pan head screws in terms of volume, weight, and surface area.


The correct choice of pan head screws should be noted:


The pan head screws have a slot and a cross slot for selection, but if you use an electric screwdriver, you usually choose a cross recessed pan head screw. If the connected parts require high corrosion resistance, it is best to use a pan head screw made of stainless steel. If you want to have a large torque and are afraid of twisting, use a pan head screw with carbon steel and hard material. If there is not much demand for quality, just tighten the connection and choose the ordinary iron pan head screw.

We have a variety of packaging options for you to choose from. Packaging can also be based on your requirements.

30,40,50CTNS/PALLET 15KGS/CTN0.35
36,48CTNS/PALLET  (10-22)KGS/CTN0.36

phillips pan head machine screw

We also accept customization order according to your samples and drawings

If you have other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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