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  • China heavy duty drywall anchors
  • China heavy duty drywall anchors
  • China heavy duty drywall anchors
Heavy Duty Anchors
  • 7-35 DAYS
  • 1000 TONS

When using heavy duty anchors (anchor), it should be based on the type of wall (such as concrete and solid brick wall, aerated or hollow brick wall, steel structure, keel), required bolt length, anchor diameter and drill The type of hole machine, the effective depth requirement of anchoring into the base of the wall, etc., and the heavy duty anchors of different specifications and types are selected and cannot be copied and used.

Heavy Duty Anchors

Material: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel

Measurement system: INCH, Metric

Size: M6 - M20 ,  1/4'' - 3/4'' 

Thread: M, UNC, UNF

Finish: Black Oxide, Zinc Plated(Clear/Blue/Yellow/Black),H.D.G , Y.Z.P ,Plain, Nickel, Chrome.


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China heavy duty drywall anchors


Product name

Heavy Duty Anchors

Place of origin


Brand Name



Qingdao or according to requirement

Delivery time

Normally in 7-35 days, according to quantity


500kgs for each specification


According to customer’s requirement



Base wall for heavy duty anchors

Class A: ordinary base concrete wall;

Class B: solid masonry base wall, including sintered ordinary brick, autoclaved lime sand brick, autoclaved fly ash brick masonry and light aggregate concrete wall;

Class C: porous brick masonry base wall, including sintered porous brick, autoclaved lime sand porous brick masonry wall;

Class D: hollow block wall, including ordinary concrete small hollow block, light aggregate concrete small hollow block wall;

Class E: Autoclaved aerated concrete base wall.

Selection of anchors

(1) Class C base wall should adopt heavy-duty anchors carried by friction and mechanical locking;

(2) Class D base walls shall be made of heavy-duty anchors carried by friction and mechanical locking;

(3) When used in the outer wall thermal insulation system of rock wool, it is advisable to use a heavy-duty anchor with a disc diameter of 140 mm.

Packaging Details:

A. Bulk in cartons(≤25KG)on wood pallet 36CTN/wood Pallet 

B. Box + Carton + wood pallet  , carton≤ 18kg , 48CTN/wood Pallet

C. According to customer special demand.

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Our service
Packaging details
Packaging details
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