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Why choose us?

a) Attention to detail, quality assurance

b) Wide sales network, excellent service, good reputation

c) Team professional, technical specialization, quality control

d) Full service network coverage, fast market response, fast delivery

e) The products are genuine, honest and trustworthy, and create more favorable offers for customers.

f) Large scale, large sales volume, many products, and wide application

g) Provide customers with correct and safe product training and consultation, product preservation and value-added

Quality control


our company strictly complies with ISO9001 system. All our products are subjected to strict test and inspection in each process by the workers periodically, starting from the raw materials delivered to the factory.

From raw materials to final products, we have a complete quality control system in every production process. Our quality inspectors will perform an uninterrupted inspection at a frequency of 15 minutes. Make sure that the non-conforming product does not go to the next step.



Perfect production management system, advanced production equipment, strict inspection from raw materials to final products, we welcome OEM.


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